Sunday, 27 July 2014

Mosrite Ventures Mk II: Sanding Finished, Primer Going On..

Phew! I finally finished the sanding on the Mosrite Ventures Mk II today. In the end I sanded with grits 180, 240 and 360, then pore filled with Timbermate before taking it off with 400 grit, raising the grain and then finishing with 600 grit. It took forever, but it's done! Now the body is nice and smooooth, and definitely ready for paint.

I'm going to be finishing this guitar in Acrylic gloss white - the same colour and brand that I used on the Stone Roses Tribute build. It's just cheap stuff from SuperCheapAuto - but it goes on without spits and drips and looks pretty damn good with a couple of layers laid down. Before the paint can go on though, I need primer! And so, I quickly got the can out and whacked on a first coat. She's looking more and more like Johnny's signature axe now!

A couple more coats of primer and a wet sand with 800 grit and she'll be ready for the white gloss. I've been thinking very strongly about spraying the face of the headstock black (or white) to match the body. It's looking pretty yellow at the moment, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'll give you guys a look at the colour combo when the white gloss is done and you can tell me what you think. For now, it's on with more primer!!

Postscript 27/7/2014:
The third coat of primer is on and she's looking really nice and white. The surface seems free of dings and blemishes and everything is progressing nicely. It's time to let the primer fully dry and then give it a wet sand with 800 grit. Then it's on with a final primer coat before moving to the white gloss.