Sunday, 24 August 2014

James' Les Paul Jnr: Wudtone Clear Coats

With 3 coats of colour on the body and 7 on the neck, James is now happy with the depth of Butterscotch colour I've managed to achieve on both pieces. The grain on the body is still visible, and the match between the headstock and body shades is good. As expected, the rock maple has taken the Wudtone differently to the basswood body, so the colours will never be identical, but it's pretty close.

So now that the colour is finalised, the clear coats can begin. I'm using Wudtone "Clear Gloss No Aging" on the body, and Wudtone "Clear Neck Finish" one the neck.

I've currently got 3 very thin coats of clear on the body and it's starting to look good. Not glossy yet - more of a satin finish - but that's ok. The main thing is that it's bringing out the colour - Wudtone clear doesn't purport to give a showroom finish. I am planning to give the body a few coats of Minwax wipe-on Poly at the very end to give better protection, and to add the requisite shine.

With 3 coats on the neck, it's also starting to look the business. I really love the way a neck plays with this Wudtone neck finish, so hopefully this one will be no exception!

All in all the build is coming together nicely. Hopefully in another week or so the clear coats will be done and we can move on to assembly. Excitement is building!