Thursday, 11 September 2014

Black Ash Telecaster: Trace Dye & Glue Spots

Having finally sanded the body of the Black Ash Telecaster with 180, 240 and 360 grit, she was ready to accept some colour. And so, without further ado, it was on with the first pass of black Colortone dye.

In general the colour looked great and was showcasing the grain nicely, but a couple of areas required immediate attention. These amounted to glue spots and other irregularities that just weren't accepting colour. The glue spots could be sanded out quite easily with 180 grit paper.

However, those lines on the front (photo 3) didn't seem to be glue. Do be honest I dont know what they were. They kinda following the grain and have proven to be very stubborn. No amount of sanding could budge them! I'm thinking that I might hit these with a little dye mixed with the Tru-Oil when it comes time for the clear coats. Did you know you could mix Colortone dye with Tru-Oil?? Well you can, but that's for the next installment!