Friday, 10 October 2014

Black Ash Telecaster: Headstock Decal and Pickguard

A little more progress this week on the Black Ash Tele. The neck is now finished - I've applied 8 thin coats of Tru-Oil on there, with a little wet-sanding (800 and 1500 grits) between the last couple of coats. Man, it's feeling nice and smooth and fast! I've also applied my headstock decal and it's looking pretty cool. I really like the black text on the amber finish.

I received a red tortoiseshell pickguard in the mail yesterday and did a quick mockup to see what it looks like. It needs some work around the neck to fit it properly, but that's no sweat. I'm waiting on a red pearloid pickgurd as an alternate to the tortoiseshell, and once that arrives I'll have to choose between the two of them. Once the choice is made I'll get out the file and improve the fit around the neck.

As it is, I think the red tortoiseshell is looking pretty damn nice! It's going to be tough to beat. I love the colour balance between the black, the red and the amber neck.

I'm getting pretty excited now - I can't wait to get this baby finished and to plug her in! It's shaping up to be either a Mental Wilko Johnston model or an Introverted Shoegazer - whatever floats your boat baby!