Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Black Ash Telecaster: Tonerider Hot Classics

I have decided to upgrade the pickups on the Black Ask Telecaster build to Tonerider "Hot Classics". I've heard great things about these relatively inexpensive beasties, and so I ordered a set from my friends at Pitbull Guitars. The mailman dropped them on my doorstep this morning!

With a couple of holes drilled in the pickguard to mount the neck pickup (I never liked to idea of having to screw into the guitar body) one half of the upgrade was completed in no time. The bridge pickup, however, was another story!

Unfortunately, the bridge route on the kit was a little smaller than standard. It was perfect for the pickup supplied with the kit, but the Tonerider was just a smidge too big for it. I've had the same issue before - the bridge route on the Surf Telecaster build had to be enlarged to fit the 63 Tele Vintage Wound Professional Series pickup as well. It seems to be a common issue with Chinese made kits!

Anyway, I set about widening the bridge pickup route using my trusty router and the template from Stewmac.

It certainly wasn't the best time to start routing the body - what with the finish just being completed and all - but hey, needs must! I stuck the template down with double sided tape and away I went. It all went pretty smoothly to be honest and the route was complete in no time.

The results are nice and clean (my nice Tru-Oil finish survived!). Now the assembly can continue - as soon as my shielding tape arrives that is!!