Monday, 30 November 2015

Ash Mosrite: Black it is!

I finally got a new pickguard in the mail today from my mate Craig (pablopepper) on the Buildyourownguitar forum. This time it's a black guard to replace the garish white one that I had previously ordered from him. And (queue the fanfare) - I think we finally have a winner!!

A new black custom pickguard and it's all coming together.
Although the subtle burst that I've ended up with on this guitar is not what I originally envisioned for it, I am really coming around to the distinctly vintage feel to this one. With the black guard and the cream soapbar P90s she's just oozing retro cool. I'm thinking now that a black gloss headstock will match the pickguard very nicely indeed, paired with a Fender yellow neck for more uber Vintagey goodness.

The body now has many, many coats of acrylic lacquer applied. All that is left to get her looking swish is to smooth the surface down with some 600 grit, slap on a couple more layers of lacquer, and then polish the christ out of it. I tell you, I'm really looking forward to playing this one. Those Entwistle X90s are going to sound soooo good!!