Sunday, 3 January 2016

Ash Mosrite: Clear Coats

It's first weekend of the new year and today (Sunday) was definitely a day for levelling and clear coating, with my Ash Mosrite joining the 12 String Telecaster build in getting its final finish laid down. With about 12 layers of White Knight acrylic clear on the body total, it was time to get out the 600 git sandpaper and wet sand it flat. It took about half and hour of careful wet sanding (no sand-trhough whew!) and the orange peel was finally removed to create a uniform matt finish. On went a final 3 coats of clear - a nice smooth finish to start cutting and polishing.

Levelled with 600 grit and final clear coats applied.
Before the polishing can begin, I need to allow these final coats to cure. That should take about a month (or less if the heat lamps are brought out) with the sniff test being the final decider. It's time I got on to the neck anyway. It has languished all these weeks still in the box because I couldn't quite face sanding again, but now is the time. With no headstock shaping required, I should be able to get it sanded and dyed ready for Tru-Oil coats in the next few days.