Friday, 29 January 2016

Jazz Bass: None More Black

There's not much happening in the man cave at the moment, what with 3 builds hanging with un-cured Acrylic clear coats. Luckily there is still another build that can progress while I patiently wait.

Over the last week I sanded the body of the JB-1 Jazz Bass build down to 400 grit and applied a trans-black dye job using Black Colortone stain. To pop the grain this time around, I didn't sand back the first coats to remove most of the colour. Instead, while the dye was still wet, I used a clean wet rag to literally drag the colour out of the surface; leaving the deeper grain still coloured. I repeated this several times, re-applying the black and dragging it back out, until I was happy with the overall effect. It's not a technique that will work if you want grain popped in another colour (eg black under blue etc) but for the same colour pop it works extremely well.

Trans-black finish shows the grain nicely

With the dye on, I was able to begin the clear coats on this bad boy as well. Make that 4 builds now hanging in the drying room (ie my shower recess). But at least this one needs plenty more coats.

In terms of assessories etc. I'm currently considering an all black look - black pickguard and black control plate cover. It may be a little over the top, so I'm reserving judgement for the moment. I'm also considering a custom 3-ply black pickguard that also covers the control plate area. Something like this:

An interesting pickguard option. Seriously considering!
Not sure I'm up for the fiddly edging required but again it's on the list for consideration.