Saturday, 6 February 2016

Ash Mosrite: P90 Pickguard Mounts

A little more work today on the Ash Mosrite build. I have decided to create adjustable pickguard mounts for the P90s. A bit late in the game for such changes but hey it's been that kind of build. I got some 20mm x 3mm aluminium bar and made some mounting plates, with holes drilled in the position of the existing P90 mounting screws (the holes near the centre). 

Mounts cut and drilled from 20mmx3mm aluminium bar.
Mounts added to P90s using the existing mount holes.
A couple of more holes in the ends of the bar and the P90s are now able mount like humbuckers to the underside of a scratchplate. I really am a fan of easily adjustable pickups, so for me this was a pretty important modification - if only I had thought of it sooner!

Mounted onto the pickguard with adjustment springs.
Looks great, with all the magic hidden behind the scenes.
The only problem now is that the pickup routes will need to be extended about 5mm on the left hand side to accommodate the new mounting plates. It's a bit of a bugger given the nice gloss finish I have created.

Original routes are not quite wide enough now.
I think some cardboard taped down over the finish will be good for the router to slide on, and should give enough protection from scratches. There's only one way to find out, so let's get routing!