Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Surf Monster Telecaster: 3rd Coat of Acrylic Clear

The acrylic clear coats are slowly building up on the blue telecaster now and she is looking better and better with each coat. I have now completed 3 coats (with 3 passes each) over the last 3 days. The colour is looking great! It's just about time for the first sand back to level up all the surfaces in preparation for a final coat.

I'm going to try and wait the full 30 days on this one before I attempt to wet sand and polish the acrylic finish. I've never been able to wait the required curing time in the past, whether it be for lacquer, Tru-Oil, or poly finishes, but I must have more patience. Yes I must!! It really helps the finish the more curing time you give it. Here's hoping I don't get too bored in the coming month...