Sunday, 3 August 2014

Johnny Ramone Mosrite: Clear Coats & Headstock Decal

With around 10 coats of Tru-Oil on the neck, it was time to get the white vinyl decal on to the headstock. The decal, as usual, came from Andy at City Signs and Print in Port Lincoln SA and went on like a dream.

I could have gotten a more traditional look using a knock-off Ventures decal from ebay, but I'm not as desperate for the real thing as all that. Better to have a well made "Tribute" build rather than trying to pass my work off as something it isn't. I think my own logo looks mighty-fine perched atop this beast anyway.

Today was also exciting because I managed to get the first coats of acrylic clear on to the body. I was a little nervous - clear coats are always a little tricky - but the acrylic went on without incident and the Septone white spray gloss stayed beautifully unaffected underneath.

Happy days! Now just 3 more spray days to go and I can let the clear coats cure.