Thursday, 4 September 2014

Johnny Ramone Mosrite: DiMarzio FS-1

Well, I've been waiting, erm, patiently? for my DiMarzio FS-1 DP110 bridge pickup to arrive in the mail. Today it unexpectedly popped out of the Australian postal service and on to my front door mat! Nice.

I wasted no time in getting the little bugger mounted in the pickguard and wired into the 3-way switch. A quick tap-test revealed that this thing is over-wound out the wazzoo, so I can't wait to crank her up and take her for a spin.

With the wiring finally complete, It was a simple process to get the remainder of the shielding done (adding copper foil around the lip of the shielded cavity) and to get the pickguard screwed into place. Before I drilled the screw holes for the pickguard I added the E strings to make sure the pickups were in the correct place with respect to the bridge. In no time the beast was assembled!

All that is left to do now is to level the frets and lower the nut slots so that the strings are sitting on the 0th fret. I am tempted to take her out for a spin as-is, but I'm trying to resist. Much better to wait until the action is nice and low!