Saturday, 6 September 2014

Johnny Ramone Mosrite: She's Ready to (Punk) Rock

Well the Johnny Ramone Mosrite Ventures MkII is finally finished and she looks totally awesome. The stark white finish is a dead ringer for Johnny's signature model (without the relic'ing) and the acrylic clear coats have really brought the shine. Whilst it isn't my first choice for other guitars, I think it works very nicely here.

I think I also did a good job with the neck. The Vintage Amber Colortone dye has resulted in a fairly deep yellow but it works well against the rosewood fretboard and the white body. Overall I'm so fucking happy with this axe. It just begs to be thrashed, and I'm just the kind of under-skilled player to do it! The DiMarzio FS-1 DP110 - the same bridge pickup that Johnny used throughout his career - is over-wound and really packs a punch. I'm hoping to have a sound demo posted soon, so stay tuned for that!