Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Johnny Ramone Mosrite: Shielding & Wiring

With the body all polished up it was time to consider all things electrical. And even though I still have to wait for my DiMarzio FS-1 to arrive, there's a shitload I can do in the meantime! First thing was the shielding - both the entire cavity and the back of the pickguard.

It's a huge swimming pool of a cavity and it took a great deal of copper tape to shield, but hopefully the results will be worth it. I still have to run a thin strip of copper tape along the top entire edge of the cavity so that the walls make contact with the back of the pickguard. I'll do that just before final assembly as I might want to hit the body with a little more polish between now and then.

With the shielding done, it was time to look at the wiring. I love wiring these simple 1 Volume, 1 Tone kits, especially with all the electronics mounted there on the pickguard. There's nothing to stress about, just whack it together. Two pickups enter the switch, one wire leaves and it's straight shooting to the output jack from then on. In no time I had the neck pickup wired in and could do a tap-test to check the volume and tone circuits.

Tappity-tap - volume, tone, it all works perfectly! Now just waiting on that awesome bridge pickup and everthing will be sweet. She's already looking cool, just one little hole to fill.

Next up is a fret level. I'm in a quandry about how to deal with the 0th fret. My options are to level it with all the rest or to leave it a little higher than the others. I'm leaning towards leaving it a little higher just like a nut would be. Still some thinking to do there..