Friday, 26 June 2015

Ash Mosrite: P90s and a New Scratchplate

A little more progress on the Ash Mosrite today, with the arrival of a new scratchplate from my mate Craig - Pablopepper on the BuildYourOwnGuitar forum. The plan is to change the stock pickups to a pair of Entwistle X90s, and so a new scratchplate was required with P90 routes. The new scratchplate arrived yesterday and it looks great.

I had to route out a little of the body to accommodate the larger bridge pickup. I also cut some rubber floor matting to be placed under the pickups. This allows the pickups to sit higher, and allows some height adjustment if needed.

Rubber matting brings the P90s up and allows height adjustment if needed.
The scratchplate went straight on without any sizing issue of any kind (great work Craig!!) and the resulting P90 setup looks really killer. I always wanted a Jazzmaster with this setup, but I reckon the Mosrite shape is going to look even better!

Even without the scratchplate covering she is looking fantastic.
P90 routes are perfectly placed and sized for my Entwistle X90s.
I should really do a mock build with the new pickups in place just to make sure that the strings pass correctly over the pole pieces, but just sizing it up by eye it all looks good to me. I'm itching to get the mock build out of the way so that I can start finishing. I'm planning a tobacco burst, with walnut Timbermate to pop the grain. Should look awesome with the white scratchplate!